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Dilandau's Lair   ( English language )
The Lair is dedicated entirely to the pyscho Zaibach Captain Dilandau Albatou and his loyal Dragon Slayers from the Vision of Escaflowne series. Fanart, Character Model Sheets, Lotsa images and info, and Home of Dilandau's Survey!
(first time of submission 08/13/1999, time of update 08/13/1999)
An Extention Of Gaea   ( English language )
A good place to go if you like Escaflowne
(first time of submission 11/30/1199, time of update 11/30/1199)
Anime Gallery   ( English language )
Collection of pictures : Vision of Escaflowne
(first time of submission 12/23/1199, time of update 12/23/1199)
Anime Web Guide - The Vision of Escaflowne   ( English language )
Review, cast and description of the anime
(first time of submission 11/71/1999, time of update 11/71/1999)
Byran's Page of Multimedia   ( English language )
A large page including Escaflowne images. I have just about all the Dilandau pictures on the web.
(first time of submission 10/11/1199, time of update 10/11/1199)
Dilandau's Shrine Of Childhood Evil...   ( English language )
A page all about Dilandau, has, probably, all the Dilandau pics on the net, fanfics, info and more!
(first time of submission 12/19/1199, time of update 12/19/1199)
Eirias -- Film Review Database   ( English language )
Like the IMDB, with my opinions. The Escaflowne page is an attempt to compile all the information available in one place.
(first time of submission 02/03/1999, time of update 02/03/1999)
Escaflowne   ( English language )
Introduction, story, staff and pictures
(first time of submission 12/30/1199, time of update 12/30/1199)
Escaflowne   ( English language )
Translation and pictures
(first time of submission 10/10/1199, time of update 10/10/1199)
Escaflowne Lyrics Translations   ( English language )
Escaflowne Lyrics Translations Page
(first time of submission 11/26/1199, time of update 11/26/1199)
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